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I Am A Very Calm Person

Posted by Sofia Rina


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As the result of what my social environment did to me, especially my family, I become a very calm person even under a lot of pressure. It also means that I avoid conflict if I can. You know that if you try to understand me, if you are my friend, as I try to understand you.

Many people don't understand me and they can easily attack my personality subjectively. Some minor differences are exaggerated and of I'm tired of correcting many misunderstandings that have occurred. If there are controversies about me I will let it go as far as I can control it.

Changing myself is not easy, especially if I want to change the world. It's better to make small changes that work than big changes that don't work. I don't like forcing myself or other people, everyone will definitely change. We are always in a transition, either worse or better.

I enjoy the process by process that got me to where I am today, even until later. I am always grateful to myself and nature for this. That includes the bad things that happened to me. Forgive me if you think I was wrong, what is unforgivable in this world? Nothing.

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