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how did you guys find out about spacehey ??

Posted by emmuhh โ™ก


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I found out about Spacehey because I seen an Instagram reel with someย millennial freaking out because "myspace is back" and the comments said that it was super fun so I came to see what all the fuss was aboutย 

Also another question.. when you first were introduced to Spacehey did you get a warning about the g0re raids and other gross stuff ?? Because I DID NOTย  I had to find out the hard wayย 

xx <3

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Reply by thrifted โ™ฑ


i found out through a comment under a subliminal on youtube it was a nostalgia subliminal to bring back the 2000s so it makes sense but its so wild to me that thats how i found out about it lmao

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Reply by rโ˜…bbie


My sibling showed it to me, idk how they found it. I didn't rlly wanna be on it at first cuz the coding stuff seemed complicated but I needed some sort of social outlet

As for the gore I was actually here before all that started. I remember the first time it happened it sucked

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