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Plus Size 2000's Fashion

hi, my name is Natalya and was wondering if I could pick some of your brains. 

soo obvi in the 2000s they had the cutest of clothes but majority if not all did not fit plus size bodies. even in todays day in age it can be hard to find cute plus size clothes for men and women + everything in-between. 

to those who remember or know of plus size clothing brands please let us know!! I've spent a little over a year working on my 2000s closet and have very select options still. also what were your favorite brands back then that aren't around today?

I do buy juicy couture, but it's very expensive to buy plus size vintage clothing, I bought a brown juicy tracksuit, and cost me over $280! I also bought a $180 vintage pluse size jacket. i often find my self on depop which can have some really good deals but lately uncharging has been a hassle. things like shein and temu are good for plus size options but I just don't want to constantly buy from there. 

thanks for the quick chat <3

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