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how do you know when it's time to move on?

Posted by Gira


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It looks like this section of the site isn't super active, but I'm posting here bc I miss forums lmao

I'm in my 20s, an office assistant at a furniture store, and after two years here I'm finally making over $17 an hour. I've also never been able to move out of my parents' place, and at the rate my raises are going, it's obvious this isn't my forever job... but I'm having so much trouble deciding if it's actually time to move on, or if I'm maybe just randomly restless. does anyone have advice for knowing when and how to leave a job you love?

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Reply by Hope Jones


For me, I know it's time to find something new when I start feeling tempted to call out sick every day. Of course, I have those moods of not wanting to be at work, and I think that's normal for everyone, but I mean like when it's *daily* and I am on the verge of self-sabotaging my job. 

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