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Wrestlemania 40 (XL) Discussion

Posted by Sharan


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Wrestlemania XL is behind us. New champions have been forged in the fire of professional wrestling. Cody has finished his story. 

Did you watch it, how satisfied are you with the results?

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Reply by Hope Jones


I thought it was a pretty decent show overall. I admittedly didn't really like all the cameos in the main event of night 2 despite it being one of the only times I've been excited to watch Roman Reigns wrestle in a long time. The ladder match was really fun. Happy to see R-Truth get his moment. I thought the camerawork was really well done this year. There were definitely some parts that kinda bored me (I struggle with long PPV's to begin with), but the high points are high enough to make up for it which is what really matters.

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