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anyone know any websites that ship food/groceries to your door that aren't amazon

got the last popcorn out of the pantry and microwaved it for two minutes like it said on the bag. now my whole house smells like burnt popcorn and my popcorn craving isn't satisfied and my mom is too covid 19 for me to walk to the store and buy some more. not a huge fan of supporting amazon especially while people are being bombed in palestine. don't wanna use walmart  because that has a lot of dropshippers on it. help

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Reply by TDJ ~tha jackyl~


you got instacart (sucks), local grocery stores some times offer it like Ralph's or Von's or Jewel or Kroger or Publix. You got Weee if you in LA but it's all asian stuff mostly. Prime sux but our tax dollars goin there neway so idk, worth it if ur mom's sick hope she gets better soon and you all stay safe

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