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Invincible season 2 episode 8 THOUGHTS!?! (No Comic Spoilers!!!)

oh man oh man, well I can't even lie. Amazon team working on Invincible freaking killed it this episode. I think it was probably the best episode of the series! There's so much to say man, Alternate caped yellow Mark was SCARY and brutal saying he'd kill the kid quickly like, x_x . All really nifty references to batman, spider-man, and Kirkman's walking dead were real nice of course, I knew Josh Keaton would be reprising his spider-man role in this series one way or another and it was cool. first half of the episode had me so tense and scared. With how they brought back shrinking-rae, it made me feel this series to be more unpredictable as anything could have happened to Debbie and Oliver; especially cause of what happened to Debbie's arm which wasn't originally in the comic so left more of a shock D:. VOICE ACTING WAS REAL SUPERB!! Great job Steven Yeun did and Sterling K. Brown. Totally overall awesome episode!!! share your thoughts! already can't wait for season 3.

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