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forme post abote shprouts and gershwins C:

Posted by Zed


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WOWWY ZOWWY a FORUMME POST! soo i a while ago i was thinkin'.... abourt a crack theory!! (i think its called that i forgot) ((i mean i have no evidence for this i may as well just call it that)

i was like "Why do da Gerhswins and Shprouts look so fimilsir..." and then I was like. "oh my god are they making voodoo dolls. are gershwins dead shprouts ARE THEY TAKING SHPROUTS AND TURNING THEM INTO GERSHWINS???" and then i thought "umm maybe thats a little too farfetched *donks forehead* my bad °>°" because obviously gerhswins are probably supposed to like fool plok in some way into thinking they're nice because they look like the residents on akrillic maybe... but like... i dunno :/ what do you guys think...

also if anyone else has theorys or headcanons in general pls talk about them in da comments here OR you can make a forum/bulletin post like this!!! i like thinky about plokky

I had to rewrite this post because the entire thing disappeared for some reason when i was just about done editing it. °—°

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