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I'am An Witch with Djinn And Jinn Spirits

Posted by CrystalPalaceWitch


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Hi this Story is going to be Very Long and I used to Live in Eugene,Oregon but I moved away to El,paso ,Texas and now I live in London England.                                                                                                    but before I Moved away I live in a Very Strange Apartment where a Young Man Died of an Drug Over Dose.                                                      He lived in The Apartment Directly below us and this all happened before we even Moved in.                                                                                    And My Bedroom was above his Bedroom so I noticed Something was deeply wrong with The Room cause even in The Summer it would be So Cold with Cold Spots and I would wakeup 3 Something Am in The Morning because I felt Like someone Was watching me in My Sleep which was kind of True.                                                                                     If I closed my eyes I would see White Outlines of People of a Person and One Day I was so Freaked Out and so Scared that I decided to Sleep on A Couch or Chair and sleep over there but Something Big with Wings and Claws was trying to launch itself at Me.                                     I found a Drug Needle on The Floor of Our Apartment and we never even Left The Building.                                                                                        I have Herd Voices say let's Take Her which is Me The Djinn were Talking about Kidnapping me and I have even had Food Dissappear and I have been Scratched up.                                                                                  I have had Scary and Dark Dreams which were Sent By These Spirits about me Being Homeless and Dreaming inside a Car That's Driving Too Fast or That I'am Driving The Car when I don't even Know how to Drive.

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