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platonic or crush?

i have a crush on my friend, and like, im magnetized to her, gifting her, and i want my feelings to be reciprocated. but, i dont rlly show physical reactions as other people (butterflies in their stomach, and other corny stuff). plus, sometimes i cant care enough to text her, ( i usually do this with other people too) and i feel too drained to give her attention sometimes. 

im kinda confused. so uh. if theres any person on this forum thats somewhat knowledgable in psychology, i need to know if this is platonic or a crush.

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Reply by Artem


Sounds Platonic to me.

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Reply by ☆.・.・:Ivy's room.・.・:☆


Hi! NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST! But I do know a little about crushes.
To me it seems more like a platonic crush, maybe an hiperfixation in them more than a romantic interest.
It could also be a romantic crush, but you do have to know that not all romantic crushes lead to a relationship or makes you want to have one with the person.
Some stuff you can ask yourself:

  • Are you attracted to their body, mind, clothes/style, none or all?
  • Do you want to have a different dinamic than what you have right now?
  • If that person said they also see you as a romantic interest, would it make you take a step back or go all in?
  • If you dont want to change your relationship and just feel attraction, do you wish to have more physical contact?

Hope these help! If you want to talk more about your trouble I'm all ears ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝

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