Detecting TCC users on the site

I already posted this as a bulletin, but I thought it could be interesting to maybe post this here as well. Gore posters are often made and spread by TCC users on the site. Seeing gore on the site can be really triggering, so heres how to detect TCC users:

-Anyone who has a profile picture from Zero Day (here's a picture of the characters of Zero Day. If their pfp is a blonde character wearing a shirt that says Army, don't click on it, it's from Zero Day and almost always TCC)

-Also, anyone with a profile picture of mass killers. This one is kind of a given, and TCC doesn't always use the more well known shooters as their pfp so it's not always easy to tell. If they have a russian looking teenager with short dark hair as their pfp, it might be the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs or its copycat case, Academy maniacs. If they have a brown haired guy with a really wide, blank stare, that might be the Sandy Hook shooter. I've seen people use his childhood pictures too so watch out for that. I've also seen someone use a picture of the Virginia Tech shooter but that one is pretty rare. And as always, theres the "classic" (eurgh) Columbine pfps which are usually easy to tell because whoever's in the picture (sometimes they take screenshots from documentaries or movies about columbine instead of the real people) will be wearing a trenchcoat and possibly a hat flipped backwards too. If their pfp includes some character wearing a shirt that says Wrath or Natural Selection, don't even bother. If you really want to avoid TCC, I suggest getting familiar with what these people look like, but that's not an obligation.

-If their pfp is from the original Doom, I'd also tread lightly (god and this is such a fucking bummer cause I love Doom so much)

-Their display name can also be a good indicator. Anyone named <<-VoDkA->> (or a username stylized in a similar manner) is automatically TCC, no exeptions. People named Reb are almost always TCC too. Watch out for anyone with the names Cal, Andre, Dylan, Eric, Adam, Andrew, Lanza or a russian last name in their display. If there's a last name in their display user that sounds odd or weirdly specific, look it up to be sure. Of course there's some variants for this, if you see someone with "Adam" as a display name and their pfp is Adam Stanheight from Saw for instance, they're most likely not TCC lol. 

Usually these profiles arent the ones with gore on them, but sometimes the gore accounts will go specfically after TCC and people who associate with them. So, don't add them (which I'm pretty sure none of you were planning to do anyway but still). If the profile passes the vibe test for pfp and user, that doesn't mean they're in the clear yet. Here's some traits on their profile that can tell you if you're dealing with a TCCer.

-TCCers are usually pretty obvious. Theres a big chance they'll have "I'm TCC" in their general or about me, or they'll list some mass shooter as their hero, have pictures of them in their about me/who I'd like to meet, that kind of stuff. Even if their profile says "I'm TCC but I don't condone" I still wouldn't add them, because regardless of if they "condone" it or not, they're still idolizing real life killers

-This hurts to say this, but if they have more than two of these interests listed: (In music) Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, KMFDM (In movies) Natural Born Killers, Zero Day, Duck! Carbine High, Elephant, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Zero Hour (Other interests) Doom and guns , its almost certainly a TCCer. Yeah, I love a lot of these things, so yeah fuckin sucks when I think they have cool interests then I realize thats just another TCC user. I used to have Zero Day listed but I took that one off my profile cus I don't really wanna be associated with those mfs. 

Needless to say, if they have more than two of these interests but they also have a clear "TCC DNI" in their bio, they're safe.

anyway long ass probably useless post but yeah I figured it might be interesting and helpful for some of you guys

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