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Any DKC fans?

Posted by Mac


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Does anybody in here like the Donkey Kong Country games? If so who is your favorite character or game in the series? 

diddy kong

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Reply by Jammer439y8


I have all 3 original games on the 3DS Virtual Console (glad I got them while I had the chance), I have also played Tropical Freeze and I like all of them. 

I also have an ironic fascination for the TV series.

As for who my favorite character is, its probably Donkey Kong himself

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Reply by cole ★


donkey kong country 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. david wise’s work on the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal and the level design and difficulty spike is a pain for some but in my opinion it makes it a much more satisfying game to complete compared to others. bramble blast is definitely my favourite level and it’s up there with coral capers in DKC1 in terms of iconic nintendo levels.

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