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Chic Decent Haul

I bought 8 items from Chic Decent and received 3 extra free items.

  1. Joocyee #15 eyeshadow 
  2. Joocyee #M216 Blush
  3. Joocyee #M123 Single shadow
  4. BIYA Eyeshadow Palette # 103
  5. Judydoll palette #25
  6. BIYA Butterfly eyeshadow #201
  7. Flortte melting balm #S04
  8. LeeMember triple shadow #JM07
  9. Free GOGO Tales concealer pack
  10. Free Thyra Multi pencil with sharpner
  11. Free Perfect Diary liquid lipstick #PD012
The Good

  • Affordable 
  • Tracking was reliable 
  • Packaged correctly with layers of bubble wrap, in a sealed bag, all inside a fragile marked box
  • They offer sales and promo codes
  • Free shipping over $80
  • It took 2 weeks exactly

The Bad

  • Some of the products are on the smaller size
  • The cheaper the palette ($7 and under )are less pigmented but still good
  • Shipping takes 2 weeks
  • All international shipping is $9

In conclusion this is a trustworthy website that offers quality products for a fair price. Let me know if you have any questions or would like a swatch test :)

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