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Posted by OMJ Winfellow


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I love when I am able to totally transform. I love to explore with my makeup, dance in a new outfit, piece together the perfect day. I enjoy being with time in the fullness of each of her expressions. She knows no boundaries. She has no limits. Each body within her creation is endless, perfect complete. 

To know Nature is the final respects to the life i was saw unfold. It was empty. there, nothing was worth finding nor living. It would all only remain in it's era of idol time and the purpose of being stagnate. Where there is no being free. There is no rhythm. Only what you would choose from what is and there i do know is nothing. 

Culture, my makeup is gorgeous this day, SHE was supremely feeling me.'

Beauty, my how HE truly knows the curves of my NATURE.

Maintenance, my, well I will have you know, I OWN IT!

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