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people with tics, share your experience

Posted by 壊死


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just wondering how others deal with it. how do you feel about your diagnosis, how do others feel about it? have you encountered fakers or been taken for one? 

i have had tics since i was 12-13 years old (that is, for about seven years now). during the whole time i was almost never asked about my tics, only once a girl i know laughed at me (and it was wild because i'm not used to it) and my friend's boyfriend asked if i was crazy. Otherwise, everyone either pretends not to notice or really doesn't (i'm not a very noticeable person in general). nevertheless, i'm shy about my tics, especially with new people, because i don't know what kind of reaction to expect, especially since some teens (and adults too) started faking tics, and i don't want to be mistaken for one of them. learning about fakers really made me more self-conscious about how people perceive me, and i don't like it :(

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Reply by zirconieee


Pulling muscles, damaging joints, and tongue biting is very common for me. 

Lost many pairs of glasses to head jerking. 
Never develop a knuckle cracking tic, you will dislocate your fingers and it will hurt a lot.
I used to forever have bruises on my arms from whacking desks hella hard.

I dont care much for what people think of me or the fakers anymore, I just wish my nervous system wasnt so hell bent on giving me nerve damage lmaoo.

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Reply by ouma!!!!


So I developed tics as a side effort to an antipsychotic med when i was around 11 . They are currently just neck tics but when it started off my neck and hands would tic. I remember them being very annoying , alot of neck pain . because im no longer on those meds it has not gotten worse and are slowly getting better . but its been awhile and they still arent fully gone so i dont know if they ever will be.

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Reply by Ina


Tics... I remember having a lot of them when I was younger. I used to "blow my fingers" as if they were candles or too hot. I had a hard time controlling them because I was very young and the staff at the centre used to make fun of me for it.

There were others, but I don't remember them. Some were more painful than others...

At the moment it's just shoulder jerking and a bit of lip pulling... I still hate it though.

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