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Is "import" allowed in CSS on profiles?

Posted by Vallee


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The rules say that inline CSS and the "style" tag are allowed. The "link" tag is not listed in the allowed tags, so I know I cannot use it. I am unsure, though, if I am allowed to use "@import" within the "style" tag.

I had an idea for a clock that would display what the time is in my timezone, but it requires getting a couple CSS variables from an external source because they need to be updated to the correct time and JavaScript isn't allowed. I've actually already made it because I thought it would be a fun challenge, but I won't be putting it onto my profile until I know that it's allowed. If it turns out that it's not allowed, I will probably just strip the import from the clock and have it run at 3600x because I think it's cool to look at.

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Reply by DeerseLark


Alot of the layouts use @import url() to import fonts, so I think its ok

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