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CD/DVD and purple vinyl reissue of Gina G's "Fresh!" to be released on May 31st

Posted by Didrick


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90/9 Records is releasing a special edition reissue of Gina G's 1997 debut album "Fresh!" on CD/DVD double pack format, as well as on purple vinyl. The CD/DVD release has some exclusive remixes that were previously only released on 12" promo for DJ's but now fans around the world will get to enjoy these remixes as well. The DVD includes all of Gina's music videos as well as her Eurovision 1996 performance of "Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit" in Oslo. You can pre-order here: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/new-releases

Tracklist: Gina G – Fresh!


1. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Eurovision Version]

2. Fresh!

3. Ti Amo

4. Every Time I Fall

5. Follow The Light

6. Gimme Some Love

7. Rhythm Of My Life

8. Missin’ You Like Crazy

9. I Belong To You

10. Higher Than Love

11. It Doesn’t Mean Goodbye

12. Waiting On Your Love

13. Gimme Some Love [Eurobeat Mix]

14. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Motiv8 Extended Vocal Mix]

15. I Belong To You [12” Extended Mix]

16. Fresh! [Bayside Vocal Club Mix]

17. Ti Amo [Metro’s ‘summer Of Love’ Club Mix]

18. Every Time I Fall [Metro’s Eurobeat Mix]


1. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Soul Solution Radio Version]

2. Gimme Some Love [Fitch Bros. Exit Boston Radio Edit]

3. Every Time I Fall [Todd Terry’s Pop Mix]

4. Higher Than Love [Motiv8 Pumptronic 12” Mix]

5. Fresh! [Phat ’n’ Phunky Vocal Club]

6. Gimme Some Love [Metro’s Extended Eurobeat Mix]

7. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Hysteric Ego Vocal]

8. I Belong To You [Dj Tonka’s Expect The Unexpected Mix]

9. Ti Amo [Andy & The Lamboy Strip Dub Mix]

10. Every Time I Fall [Gina’s Acid Dub]

11. Higher Than Love [Motiv8 Riffmatic Dub]

12. Gimme Some Love [Andy & The Lamboy Club Vocal Mix]

13. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Soul Solution Main Vocal] 


1. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Promo Video]

2. I Belong To You [Promo Video]

3. Fresh! [Promo Video]

4. Ti Amo [Promo Video]

5. Gimme Some Love [Promo Video]

6. Every Time I Fall [Promo Video]

7. Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit [Eurovision Song Contest 1996 Performance]

I went for the CD/DVD version seeing as that's the release with the exclusive remixes on. I do have a turntable but the CD/DVD is by far the most interesting of the two, so that's the one I ended up ordering. Especially exciting to finally have the Soul Solution and Hysteric Ego remixes of "Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit" on CD for the first time! :)

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