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Im glad it worked holy hell- Scent Layering. First time review and routine I guess lol

Ive been researching scent layering and tips and decided to try a routine today before I went to the grocery store.

First some tips

The heat generated by pulse points on the body help dry down and waft/ spread the fragrance you use.
fragrance on your hair, if it has some length, also helps waft/ and
spread what you use because of the natural motion of your hair. Body
mists are great for this because they absorb really well into hair.

My Routine

I had started with Goodfellow No.3 body wash Moroccan Mint & Cedar
and an orange spice soap bar.

After I had stepped out of the shower, I locked in my skin's moisture and the
scent of the body wash and soap, with Peach Slices Cherry Ice Cream Facial
Moisturizer applied to my chest, arms, neck and shoulders.

my hair, I used Renpure Tea Tree & Lemon Sage Shampoo. After I had
hopped out of the shower, I sprayed Bath and Body Works A Thousand
Wishes on my hair and brushed it through.

I lightly applied Aromolon unisex pheromone cologne oil to my chest, back of neck, wrists, and inside of elbows (pulse points).
That was followed by a few sprays of Goodfellow No2 Juniper and Sandalwood Cologne.


I had stayed in the store for about an hour.
As soon as I had stepped into the store i had noticed a couple people turn their heads around to look in my direction and at me.
had people noticeably lingering around me and going in the same
direction I was, but trying to sneaky about it. Didn't get any
compliments, but got lots of smiles and some short pleasant

1000% recommend. It was a big confidence booster for me. <3
you search around you can find some pretty decent scented products that
don't break the bank. Five Below has some cheap colognes and perfumes
that are inspired replicas of more expensive scents. They also have
other products I have seen. Haven't tried them, so I can't say to how
good the fragrance is. For something a bit higher in price but still
pretty cheap, I recommend Target. That's where I got the two Goodfellow
products and its also a store brand of theirs. Bath and Bodyworks I find
is roughly about as expensive at Target. Obviously known for their
scented products because that's their whole thing lol.

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that's actually so neat, ohmyfrog !!!

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