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Elder Scrolls and everything about it :)

Posted by Elii<3


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Lets talk anything Elder Scrolls, ill start with what is your favorite Elder Scrolls game?

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Reply by jolenethekitty


skyrim, all because of the modding support.

when it comes to raw, vanilla gameplay: daggerfall.

when it comes to modern raw gameplay: morrowind.

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Reply by Jasen


That's a difficult one. I had a great time with Morrowind, but Skyrim is way more modern. Morrowind was way more immersive and made sense and had way more depth and detail to it while Skyrim was graphically polished and cut straight to the point of the core mechanics. I think I'll have to play them again to get a better comparison.

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Reply by ?????!!???!??!?


right here!

skyrim was my first, plus it's perfect copium if you need escapism from real life problems, and it has special place in my heart

then, Oblivion is ssooooo cursed, but i really like guests

Morrowind is a piece of art, but i didn't beat it yet. CORRUPTED SAVES.... 

ESO is too flashy and distracting, i can't play it fr, but it's a new resource of lore, so I'm just reading this sometimes on TES forums

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