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Asocial- when you have no desire to be in real life relationships due to anxiety (usually social) or trust issues. The person can have friendships with people over the internet.

(Just to clarify, Asocial- in this context is just a prefix for asocialsexual/asocialromantic/etc, not the definition of the actual term "Asocial") 

[Image: Flag with 3 stripes: Teal, white, teal].

Full size [Here]

Color meanings: Teal is the color of anxiety awareness.

Flags below are the same as above but with the bottom stripe replaced with the colors of the specific attraction types:

Asocialsexual: [Link]

Asocialromantic: [Link]

Asocialalterous: [Link]

Asocialsensual: [Link]

Asocialqueerplatonic: [Link]

Asocialplatonic: [Link]

Term coined by: Unknown

Designed by: Unknown

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