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Worst game you've played?

Posted by Jade


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A lot of people ask what your favourite game is but I'm wondering what is the WORST game you've played?

 For me it is probably Super Mario Maker's abysmal 3DS port. It had barely any features compared to its Wii U counterpart, you couldn't even upload levels. On top of that there was a mode that you had to play to unlock items that you could use when make levels. This mode was so difficult for 8 year old me that I cried a few times trying to beat it (`~`)

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Reply by Rosse


Praey for the Gods. It peddles itself as a Shadow of the Colossus-type game but it tries to incorporate too many things from Breath of the Wild (different weapons, item durability, smaller mob monsters, cooking) and it feels really out of place. The basic enemy design of the smaller monsters is either asset rips from some storefront or is just so uninspired that they look like they could be. The bosses fail to understand what made the spectacle of SotC so grand and while the boss design is great most times, some are just upscaled basic enemies with some added fur for the player to hold on to. If you aren't playing on the artificial difficulty of "survival mode" where you have to eat/drink/sleep/stay warm or you die then the game is just so ridiculously easy. Not to mention it looks more like a PS3 game than SotC and it's on modern consoles! 

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Reply by shiz


probably death stranding. i wanted to like it, i truly did, but god it was so fucking boring.

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