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Is there a way to easily learn layout programming?

Posted by KazeNoRoxas


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I've always been thinking of making a Sci-Fi Y2K WipEout 3 inspired layout, but im an absolute novice at programming a layout, any tips or base code? thanks!

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Reply by Gluma


I’m pretty much in the same boat as you so I’ll just say what I’ve been doing because I definitely can’t teach code properly lmao:

  • BECOME A SCAVENGER!!! Search the forums and blog posts for the code you want! There was this really good blog that gave the basic coding for comments and profiles that I’ve memorized some stuff from but I genuinely cannot find it anymore so...scavenge everything that you can, I guess lol The codes weren’t necessarily all that exclusive to that blog though, and you can find many other blogs/forums that give the same and/or similar coding (ex: pretty much any coding related to the Interests section)
  • Layouts are a great way to understand what code changes what thing! Some layouts have comments within the code that describe what a line changes, which is pretty useful to know, even if you don’t want to change your profile into specifically that layout (for example, I learned how to outline and change the text color of my profile sections to what I want just by seeing how someone’s layout did it)
  • You can always join the HTML Group on here to ask questions; the people there are very helpful (didn’t know I could change the pin icon....) and they even have a small guide for the basic stuff!

Just realized this way isn’t necessarily “easy” but eh, it’s a place to start...? Definitely suggest asking around in the HTML Group though, they’ll probably link some stuff to you

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Reply by Jinnicide


It's not easy. Accept that and you'll have a better time.

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