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Posted by beks_dgaf


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Why is it that the music plays on the web browser just fine but when you go to the app it doesn't play the music that you have playing on your page? I have the html code with autoplay & loop youtube video. Idk if that's why it doesn't play on the app?! But just curious I'm obsessed with the music playing in the background so having to look through profiles on the app with no music is kind of dead lol and I don't wanna go on my browser on my phone just to listen to people's songs when the app is a quicker access to the full experience lol. Excuse my rant! Lol 


the loop works you have to add &;playlist=LETTERSONLY right next to the loop code. Need a better explanation just message me and I'll help you(: I can do the code for you all you would have to do is send me the link of the YouTube video that you want have autoplaying & on loop!

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Reply by Andrey Orlov


I don't think there's a way around it. Because app runs on a mobile phone, there are restrictions that are made for sake of accessibility. 

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Reply by beks_dgaf


Got it thanks for your reply! You're awesome!

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