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Online Songs and Why I Believe They Could Still Do It

So people have said before that Blink 182 played Online Songs live once in a long beach concert and while it's true there isn't any footage anywhere because someone posted it on youtube then made it private. While I currently have audio of Online Songs, (no one believes me ofc since they can't find it and someone sent it to me after they paid someone $650 for it) I would still like to see them playing it. I believe they could still be able to play this song despite Mark's vocal chords wrecked from cancer because you have songs like the rock show where the cross between the chorus and the bridge is tiring to some people and yet he can still sing it (I've noticed he doesn't really play the song bridge the same way he used to now. Again from cancer), you also have the bridge in feeling this where he is also able to perform without being tired (ignoring the chorus). I'm just saying that you have some examples where they can perform online songs easily and they stick to the exact same setlist they have every show (INCLUDING LOLLAPALOOZA). Other than that it would be nice to see Blink play different songs like please take me home or some deeper cuts. I hope that Mark was being honest on having big changes to the setlists.

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