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The other lesser known Nirvana band

Posted by jayjabinks


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Recently found out about a '60s band called ... Nirvana, who released an album after Kurts death including a song called ... Lithium 


Its a really interesting, more psychedelic, cover of the song that I actually really like.

Which do you prefer? Nirvanas Lithium or Nirvanas Lithium. 

(also they tried suing kurt's nirvana for the name so that's a bit shitty but oh well)

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Reply by birby


i really like both nirvanas its cool to see someone talk about the other one. I really like "excerpt from the blind and the beautiful" and "tiny goddess" I guess it doesn't have a proper name lol. personally as a system none of us would all agree which one is our favorite but me personally, selma, i really like the lesser known cover better,  mainly because it's just the genre i prefer over grunge shsjshsj

it's funny because when I first heard them it reminded me of the Greek band aphrodite's child (i highly recommend "end of the world") and i realized one of the guys is greek so maybe there's a connection but who knows

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