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Suggestions to improve the experience when using Spacehey

Posted by Cara Incógnito


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Certainly the website creator has his reasons for not implementing the functions I will suggest below. Regardless of the reason for not having these functions here, know that they are essential functions for any website of this type. Unfortunately, the public does not stay on a website when they realize that things like this are not available on a website, interest drops and then the user disappears and never comes back. I really want Spacehey to grow, and to have more good users interacting.

Urgent suggestions:

1) Quote button in forum topics, as it greatly facilitates communication. (if possible, notification of quote reply would also be welcome too)

2) Image upload. I know it would take up a lot of space and such, but it is very tiring for users who are not used to using other sites to upload images to post here. (There must be some security mechanism to prevent inappropriate images from being posted as gore, and that it is not too stressful for the moderators)

3) Feed with group forum topics updates, with most recent replies. The lack of this function, in my opinion, is the main reason why users don't stay on the site. If the person doesn't know or does not have the patience to look for a group with interaction, interest will disappear, as the user will think that the site is abandoned, especially if they only find groups with old posts.

4) Numerical pagination in topics. The current way is not good, especially in pages with more than 100 replies, and 1000 replies

And is that.

If we want to see these functions on Sapacehey we have to get together and ask the creator, on his profile or through support email. Hugs to you who read my post

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