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Persona games

Posted by Inaa


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Which r ur favorite persona games





Or p1….(this can’t be anyone’s favorite)

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Reply by shiz


ranking - 

persona 2 innocent sin

persona 3 / persona 4

persona 5

i haven't played persona 1 or persona 2 eternal punishment, but i want to play both.

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Reply by Inaa


Real! I love Eikichi!!! (^o^)b

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Reply by swaghaver


my ranking is.... :3

  1. persona 2 innocent sin + eternal punishment (p2 has my favorite combat system, story, and characters of all the games. if i have to rank eternal punishment separately it would be at 1.5)
  2. persona 1 (i like it more for the characters and story and the absolute wild ride that is the shitty english ps1 version. the gameplay is a little painful but i like the combat system)
  3. persona 4 
  4. persona 3 (i swear i like it D: but i didn't feel as connected to the cast)
  5. persona 5 (i just straight hate this one LMAO)

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