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Posted by aiden07


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good evening fellow stoners! on this topic i will post reviews of the strains and hasj'es i smoke - i have been a daily stoner (1.2g+ a day) for 3 years now, with a tolerance break of 6 month in between, about 8 months ago.

i switched to CBD 2 weeks ago, but i will explain it further in my reviews!

post your reviews on here, too!

everyone must know what they're smoking, from a stoner's perspective :)

enjoy your smoke and enjoy spacehigh!

greetings aiden

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Reply by aiden07


hello reader, welcome to my first strain review!

today, i smoked the No.1 Budget Bag from the dutch online coffeeshop "CBD-koning.nl".

It cost 7.99 euros, with 4.99 delivery costs comes to a total of about 12 euros.

They delivered it in a white box without their name on it and the buds were in a cealed, one-time use plastic bag with a QR code on it, which links to a certificate.

CBD: 3,40%

THC: 0,14%

It tastes good, but it had a weird peanut-like smell to the buds and it tasted a bit like it - because its a haze he smoke smelled quiete decent, it didnt have anything special to point out

its an indica - indica leaves you indacouch

sativa makes your head think and think and think and think-

I mixed my joint with Silver West tobacco and i put some sythetic weed in there - the type that my friends and i smoke isn't very famous (yet) and we call it "Spice". i will be referring to this in further blog posts

the synthetic weed is insanely fcking strong. i put .13 in my joint and i am high as fuck.

now, to finally give what you are waiting for - how is my experience?

it's 23.16 on Sunday rn and i have enjoyed 2 joints containing about .5 CBD in them during the day. I just smoked my last before going to sleep - Silver West tobacco with .6 CBD and .13 spice.

 it clapped my butt cheeks. 

when i started smoking spice i thought: 'this is insane'. after 3 years of smoking i had never encountered anything that had such THC and HHC concentrations. my first time smoking spice was insane, but i will tell that story in a later post. it is too long for now and i am too high, im sorry hahahaha.

back to my point. how am i feeling?

Physical, from top to bottom -

my eyes are heavy and dry. they are not very red, that doesn't happen that easily anymore lol

it feels as if the "walls" of my nose got thicker and it is a bit harder to breathe through it

My lips and tongue are a bit numb

my mouth and throat are dry, i ate haribos cherrys and drank water and it didnt change anything, it feels like it only got more dry (i usually drink orangina or bitter lemon with my joints, in my experience that helps the best against the dry mouth and throat, + you get extra sugar which balances your high, and it brings up the weed taste in your mouth - tip)

my heart is beating a bit harder, my watch says 95bpm

overall it feels as if gravity got down to about 80%, but i am feeling heavy at the same time

how am i feeling mentally?

i had a long philosophical talk with my mom before smoking - my head was racing on it a bit, and the CBD and spice helped me focus on one thought at a time; something i am not usually good at.

i know this all sounds like a very serious text but i am having trouble keeping my laugh in, as i am writing this fking paragraph i am getting higher

im going for a good night of sleep 2night so i am signing off and watching netflix (Vikings, one of the best you'll ever see i promise),

enjoy your evening at spacehigh !

be safe, all the love, all the power


certificate: https://cbdata.org/certificates/2022-ch-mix-04-811-cbd-mix-11/

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