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sum cool websites:3

Posted by melisa


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 firstly, here's my site   resonantdusk.blogspot.com

old web smilies masterlist   mysmilies.com

amazing collection of blinkies  geocities.com/fallenanjel7

fun website with lots of things to do on it, including a myspace revival www.windows93.net

turn your art and photos into pixel art pixel-me.tokyo/en/

in depth blog about numerology & angel numbers sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com

very cute japanese dollmaker site! https://charat.me/

learn about EVERY star known to man! stars.chromeexperiments.com

collection of css hover effects  ianlunn.github.io/Hover

dream analysis and explanation of several dream meanings dreammoods.com

read up about some of the most grotesque serial killers serialkillercalendar.com

popular web archiving site https://archive.is/

cool website for all kinds of abandonware oldgamesdownload.com

cool website with TONS of other sites that are either fun or just pointless. basically everything in here is a gem www.pointlesssites.com

windows customization guide to the max namazso.github.io/nanami-tan/

steam dlc unlocker on cs.rin.ru https://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=70576

cool site for fancy text w lots of partners glowtxt.com

cool gif editor awesome very cool. also very useful ezgif.com

add ur fav websites:3

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