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Guitar Hero 3/Arcade

Anyone else love GH3/Arcade the way I do? I'm absolutely obsessed with that game, especially since it has "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by The Used on it (for console based GH3, it's a separate download). 

I'm going to an arcade which still has a Guitar Hero Arcade machine (or at least it did last time I was there on Tuesday, 4/4/2023 during my spring break last year) tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day 2024 and can't wait to play it. It should also distract me from this stupid cold that I currently have right now (and have had since Wednesday night) like it did last time I was there on 4/4/2023, funnily enough. Just hope I don't nearly lose my voice or further irritate my throat or anything from singing along whilst playing the game.

Also, when I get myself a PS2 eventually, GH3: Legends of Rock is one of the games I'm hoping to get for it (as well as the guitar shaped console, obviously). Hell, I even made a layout here on Spacehey based on that game.

But yeah, who else here loves Guitar Hero 3/Arcade?

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