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Any Bayonetta fans here?

Bayonetta is one of my favorite series ever, and it seems like it’s pretty popular, but I haven’t met too many fans of the series that I don’t go explicitly out of my way to find. So, what drew you into the series, and which game is your favorite? I got drawn into the series because I used to like playing as her in smash and decided to check out her series, and Bayonetta 2 is my favorite game.

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Reply by Black Market Stray Cat


i should probably play more of the games; i got 1 and 2 because i heard the games were good, but i really didn't like 1 and i keep hearing mixed things about the others, which is really scary to me lol

that said, i played the demo for cereza and the lost demon, and the demo alone quickly became one of my favorite games, i really need to buy that one someday.

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Reply by Bush



ı had a bayonetta obsession for a year in highschool i was able to play half of the first game till my laptop exploded and i watched 2s playthrough, even though i really love 2,s design and story i cant stand loki

also 1 goes harder storywise in my opinion

i was rlly excited for the 3rd game but the drama surrounding and them goin apeshit kinda annoyed me so i never looked into it

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