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good first car for teen

Posted by FRESKITO


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any good car recs for a 17 yr old ? obviously miles are a huge factor that im keeping in mind but i wanna know which models and brands to lean towards and which ones i should avoid at all costs

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Reply by Duck


Your first car's usually going to be what ever you can afford that is cheap on fuel and easily maintainable. Don't expect to hold an attachment to it for too long.

Once you find some cars in your price range, search up the models and common problems for the models.

Naturally aspirated small petrol engines are going to be less maintenance, such as small hatch backs.

Don't forget you're learning in it, so you're bound to have dings / scratches, so it doesn't need to be 100% perfect, as long as there's no paint-fade or rust.
Keep the oil fresh (every 10k KMs) and keep the paint washed+waxed and It'll go far.

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Reply by Mr.


 i think if you can find a Vw golf or jetta(bora) or passat  aswell as a 2000s/2010s toyota corolla  that isnt fully rusted out and is from 2010/2005, that would be ur best bets 

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Reply by croulghoul


1998-2002 Toyota Corollas - problems with oil consumption, but very safe cars. easy to work on, parts are cheap, fairly comfortable, and great gas mileage. i had a 2002 model, not a single mile i put on that car was easy and it took it in strides. i miss that car. 

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