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Who is going to win the Super Bowl? [NFL]

Posted by Christopher


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Alright y’all, I’m going for the Buccaneers! Reply with your predictions and guesses for the Super Bowl!

Also feel free to add me :)

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Reply by Naim Dean


I'm taking Kansas City, but I could care less who wins. My squad didn't make the postseason and is in offseason shambles

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Reply by topsportpick


The yearly championship game is known as the Super Bowl. It is an annual honour given to the most valuable player in the match. A panel of 16 National Football League broadcasters and journalists selects the player. This game is played every year all across the world. We'll take a look at the most nfl mvps now. On the Super Bowl field, there are ten players who excel. The winning strategy is determined by the players' performance. These NFL MVPs have a significant impact on the league and on the sport's history.

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