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im so lonely

Posted by nana


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how to find friends? 

how to find friends in real life and internet like do you just go to a person and say "hey let's be friend"? 

life is so hard frfr and finding friends who also know mxtx novels and meatbun novels is so fcking hard🫡

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Reply by Duck


If you take interest in what others are doing, you'll make friends eventually.

Just remember to stay true to who you are as a person and don't shape yourself in their image (how you think they want to see you). 

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Reply by Black Market Stray Cat


this is going to sound like lame, unsatisfying advice, but in my experience, it seems that my friends find me more often than i find them.

just be yourself, and you'll inevitably find like-minded people who share your interests. it might take a while, though.

i will concede that finding friends irl feels like a very hopeless endeavor these days if you're not currently in school, though. hangout spots are nonexistent, and even if you live in an area that has several, it's unlikely anyone that isn't elderly is just hanging out, much less anyone you might have anything in common with. i would maybe suggest going to a convention or something (assuming you're the type of the person who's interested in things that have conventions lol) but even then it's kind of a costly endeavor.

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Reply by Naomi


It takes a bit of effort. Saying hello, smiling, and hovering around others will usually do the trick. Ask others about their day, share something about yourself. Just hang out. Most people will stay as acquaintances, but once in a while you will 'click' with someone, where the conversation flows for hours, like magic💗

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