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J-Fashion Coordinates

Post your J-Fashion coordinates! Lolita, gyaru, decora, mori? You name it! 

Lets hype each other's outfits up! No hate, everyone is at a different level of mastery in their chosen style!

* Try to post full body photos that show off the outfit. 
* No con-crit unless they've asked for it and keep it constructive! 

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Reply by Casie


I wore this recently to go out with the fam, we saw a movie and I got boba tea. Concrit is welcome. 

Headbow and muffler - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Belladonna
Peignoir - Vintage
JSK - Diamond Honey

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Reply by SednaWoo


I still can't figure out how to post a picture successfully so I'll just do a rundown for my current most complete coord:

high waisted skirt: Angelic Pretty, Salon de thé Rose, Lavender colorway
Blouse:  taobao offbrand, white lacey with a round neck and bell sleeve quarter length
lacy rectangle headpiece: BTSSB
Wrist cuffs: taobao offbrand, white

Tights: lavender with white layered on top
Shoes: Baby knock offs
Bag: Betsy Johnson Lavender clutch
Accessories: I'm still awful with accessories and hope to someday acquire a wedding cake themed BB&B necklace.

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Reply by OhKayTea_xD


This is my most recent coord. I've been really into Na+H lately 

JSK- Moi Meme Moitie
Shoes- Wego

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Reply by Laurence Hoover


White lacey with a round neck and bell sleeve quarter length How To Fix A Dislocated Shoulder lacy rectangle headpiece: BTSSB

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