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First Post!

i thought id make a post just introducing myself!

Hi I'm Loki!!
ive been a puppy boy for a while and its just nice to b myself on the internet for once!!
its not a sexual thing mostly or like a therian thins, I just like being a pup or a dog 
idk how to word it!

maybe I'm just a furry ~

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Reply by cherry 𓆩♡𓆪


hii im cherry, 17, she/they :3

i am a puppygirl i love furries + puppyboy/girls so much :3

i like it for nsfw reasons~ + its cute and i am a puppy :3

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Reply by emokidwithacleanwrist


hihihiii i'm azra!! 16, she/he :3

i have a weird relationship with gender and seeing myself as a puppyboy is just sorta nice and relaxing also i like it for NSFW reasons 

nice to meet u!

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Reply by Sharklex


hi, Sometimes I identify as a little abused puppy, I haven't experienced much love in my life, I love like a little puppy but I haven't met anyone who doesn't think I'm kind of annoying.

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