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Survival Horror Games!

Posted by Charlie


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Hello everyone. What are your favorite Survival Horror games?

I'll start:

Resident Evil 1+2 Remake are my favorite games for gameplay, and also the Resident Evil series has my favorite characters. Alien Isolation is also one of my favorites from a gameplay standpoint because it's really like the "Ultimate Test" for survival horror fans.

D2 is my personal favorite Survival Horror game that's more story driven but I have to admit that Signalis and Silent Hill 2 have better execution

And then I like Deadly Premonition and Illbleed for how absurd they are.

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Reply by Rosse


Signalis is at the top for me right now as well, just an excellent game all around. I think my favorite Survival Horror game is Forbidden Siren. It was made by old members of Team Silent and has a dread-inducing atmosphere that reminds me heavily of SH2. I think it deserves a lot more attention but is bound to the cursed machine (Playstation consoles). 

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Reply by achacja


Gloomwood! It's a very good mix of immersive sim and survival horror. If you want the full survival horror experience, you can play on the Blood Moon difficulty, which allows you to save the game only if you have a certain item, similar to the Resident Evil series. Despite being still in development, it's already a great game.

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Reply by Eev


I could never think of Deadly Premonition as survival horror but I guess that's what it goes for, it's definitely an experience to have for sure
My favorite so far is probably the Resident Evil 2 remake, finished it this week and had a blast. Playing the 3 remake right now and just feeling underwhelmed.

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