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What's everyone's favorite Sims game?

hey every1! the sims franchise is a popular life simulator game, if you haven't heard. it's an enjoyable game if you're looking for lax gameplay and to watch lil computer characters live their lives.

i'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the game, and, if you have a particular liking to one game in particular be it a spin off or main game, which one is most favourable?

mine is the sims 3. it's massive, fun, and there's loads to do even if you don't  have all the expansions. my second favorite is the sims 2, though it has a lot of loading screens like the sims 4 (yuck), there's still a lot to do with your sims.

lemme know your thoughts!

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Reply by overcomplexification


I've recently revisited the sims 2 and I can firmly say that It has become my favorite game from the franchise.

I haven't had the time to revisit the sims 3 but I'm planning to, since the sims 4 just keeps getting worse and worse... somehow.

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Reply by shiz


sims bustin' out and urbz: sims in the city -- both for gba!!

they are totally different than the console versions and super fun. i definitely recommend them

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Reply by Gluma


I don’t really use a PC/computer all that much and the only Sims game I played when I did use them was Sims 4 so...I feel like I wasn’t ever properly introduced into the series u_u the waiting times for the Sims Freeplay....

However, I still do enjoy the concept of the series as a whole and that concept of taking care of virtual humans and seeing them experience life in their lil’ virtual world is the reason why I say I like the Sims series, especially since I’ve never seen another game (especially one that’s NOT on PC) perform a concept like that quite as well as the Sims does.

As for my thoughts specifically on Sims 4, I’ll admit: I rarely play it. My cousin loves the designing aspect of the game and likes to customize her Sims + houses but as for me....I am no architect :,) The relationship aspect of the game caught my eye (in general, not just romantic) but in Sims 4, a lot of relationships just feel really artificial because the player kinda has to force any relationship that isn’t just borderline friendly to happen. I heard that the previous games are more better in forming natural relationships so I’ll take people’s word on that. Anyway, I’ll also say that the DLCs are pretty annoying in that you have to buy them just for things I think should’ve already been in the game (like seasons....) >:/ never bought one so can’t say much about them

I always saw Sims Freeplay as a cash grab so that’s all of my thoughts on that game. I heard about a new mobile Sims game but I never tried it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Apparently there was a Sims game on the 3DS (or was it DS?) that I played a bit as a kid. Definitely wouldn't use it as an introduction to the series because there was very little similarities to the actual main games BUT I kinda liked it in that it was a very simple game where you ran around as your customized Sim and did tasks throughout the game

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Reply by ThePwnzor


sims 2 becaus ethey made the strangerhood

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Reply by Bush


i never got to really play sism 3 bc all the expansion packs just made the game unplayable by giving me 5 minute loading screens but even if i did i would still say sims 2 is the best in franchise, its style and overall gameplay never bores me and i think it has a life to itself, little details make it even better

sims 4 is the worst and i hate its looks too

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Reply by briskeclipse


mine rn would be sims 3 on the 3ds (modded ofc) and i also enjoy sims 2 on the 3ds, they r both fun but also very nostalgic and ive play a little of the sims 4 on my xbox but i think id rather enjoy it on my computer but sadly i dont have it on my computer... 

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