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We Are Known By Our Fruits

Scripture tells us that we will be known by our fruit not our words. Our words can be powerful, but they lose authority when our actions are the total opposite of what we speak. There are a lot of elegant speakers that have no substance to their lives.
Love is a word that is thrown around now to a point that the meaning has been diminished, but our actions (or lack of them) will reveal the trueness of our hearts. People can say they love you all day long, but time will prove that out one way or another.
Trust is earned and hard to earn back. Once lost it is not regained by words but by actions. Trust given by another should be never be treated lightly. It is a valuable gift.
Being sorry isn’t enough, changed behavior is a must. People are “sorry” for many reasons (usually for getting caught). True repentance will bring change. It means turning from the wrong behavior and not going there again.
Love, trust, repentance…all action words.
Love you all. Have a blessed day. In Jesus name. Amen.
https://www.nvministries.org/ - author: Quint Burks  
(Shared with permission)

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