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What is your guys' guilty pleasure?

Posted by xXxHereLiesTobeefxXx


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What's your guys' guilty pleasure? This could be a controversial band you really like, a niche subgenre of YouTube videos, or anything of the like.

I'll go first:

I really like watching cringe compilation videos. They make me feel the type of uncomfortable that nothing else really reaches for me, aside from remembering myself as a angsty cringelord teen that I was. My favorite is weaboo/otaku cringe. It's sickening, I know that I should let them do what they want and not bat an  eye to it, but it's so interesting to just gawk at. I don't reach out or interact, I just simply watch. No harm, no foul.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any interests that are similar.

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Reply by Gluma


Calling it a “guilty pleasure” makes me feel weird since it’s not like I actually enjoy it but something I occasionally seek out that makes me uncomfortable is...u_u dead dove fanfics. LISTEN. LISTEN. I promise I’m not a weirdo DDD: I am merely curious on why they’re written and what people write about 

If you’re not familiar with the term, “dead dove” (full term is “dead dove: do not eat”) just means fanfics that focus on very, very dark topics that range from graphic violence/abuse to proshipper stuff (incest, pedophilia, etc.). It’s a pretty general term, so the range is pretty broad.

It all started with one fic that absolutely blew my mind on how well-written and well-researched it was :O it was about a character’s experience in a mental hospital and the recovery process that goes on within one (won’t go into specifics but the recovery was focused on severe child abuse) and MAN, that fic really should’ve been professionally published... The author based the story off of their own personal experience along with other’s and was trying very hard to accurately portray the sensitive topics in a realistic manner. Heck, I’m pretty sure they linked to a mental hospital’s PDF of rules and guidelines at one point or something lmao. It was a genuinely good story and brought a lot of emotions within me :,) I don’t think the fic was tagged with dead dove but jeez, it was very graphic at times.

Anyway, that was the beginning! Nowadays, I pretty much let my curiosity run free with those fics with the lucky chance I ever find similar fics like that again (and I have!) However, I’ve obviously encountered fics that romanticize and fetishize certain topics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you win some, you lose some, ig. I still read those because some fics that do that have been written with the purpose of being an outlet for the author who has clearly been through similar stuff and it’s interesting to see what the author has to say on it, either directly or through subtext. Others...are just weird and borderline illegal .-. Curiosity killed the cat for those fics. I guess I could also use them for psychoanalyzing the minds of people who write that kinda stuff...

It’s something I would definitely never tell any stranger or acquaintance about so I guess that technically makes this a “guilty pleasure” but I just like to analyze stuff, okay >:O it’s like I’m doing an English thesis on Lolita or something idk LMFAO

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Reply by Black Market Stray Cat


i don't understand guilty pleasures. you either like something or you don't, no? or, (more ideally imo) you'd have a more nuanced opinion on something...

it just strikes me as irony poisoning, which is apparently something people my age are really struggling with

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Reply by Duck


My guilty pleasure is letting the bread scraps soak in the pond for a bit longer before eating it.

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Reply by cloridrato


Maybe mine is furrys and fursonas

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