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How do you survive spacehey as a proshipper?

A lot of people on spacehey seem to have that typical toxic social media mentality where they spam report people they don't like and literally lacks the ability to discuss serious topics rationall. There are also a lot of antis here, and they will definitely make your spacehey experience miserable (regardless if they say shit like "dont harass them" or whatever)

The same could be said on twitter but for me I have an easier time on there, while spacehey feels like antis are EVERYWHERE. However I'd LOVE to use spacehey more, ive always loved this site but I just hate how a lot of people here literally have the tiktok kid mentality, PROBABLY because they're from tiktok.

Whenever I see a person talk about the discourse theres so many antis whos ready to send hateful/meaningless replies, the best way is to just disable the comments altogether or don't make those posts. But that's not all, even if you don't talk about the discourse and clearly state that you're proship, people still wont leave you alone by putting you on posts that put a target on your back to be reported/harassed essentially.

I want some suggestions on what to do to come back here, like how to meet like-minded people or someone who probably doesn't care if you're proship or not. This is just a rant account but at the same time I want to enjoy this place as well.

Also someone should probably make a post sharing antis profiles, not to harass them but so we can block them. Not just anybody, but more specifically those who incite harassment or make those posts that put a target on our back.

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Reply by lyrica ✦


I fully understand what you mean

Since you aren't speaking directly in person or on call with the anti, it's really just impossible for them to interrupt you, so it'll be easy to say why you are a pro/com/darkshipper, because for most people (including me) people do it to cope with trauma, so all I can say is that if they can't understand that you aren't supporting the things you ship, I'd just block them. Besides, you've never said anything immoral and gross so if they're still upset at you that's their problem then. 

Also, reading from the "tiktok mentality" part, most anti's I have seen on TikTok are very hateful and will tell most people who cope with this to "relive their trauma" because we don't fit their standards of a victim. So I understand that part, and if they do go on to harass you, it's still recommended to block. Just report them first, because that's overall just a crappy move they shouldn't make and karma will get to them eventually.

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