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My Darksynth/J-Rock Focused YouTube Channel


I'm introducing myself, Night Lust a Darksynth project from France, I have a lot of influences:
  • Master Boot Record
  • MegaDrive
  • Carpenter Brut
  • Perturbator
I'm one of the few that did a remix of the Boss theme from the SNES video game Plok!

Please, give it a listen! (⁠☞゚⁠ヮ゚⁠)⁠☞ Plok Boss Theme but by Carpenter Brut

I collabed with ADZ, a French Electro Prog solo artist on two songs from his new album : Adz - Close to the Edge

And I'm cooking something with Pinkcat too!!

I'm working on my 3rd album and I can assure you, it's going to be massive! If you want, you can listen to my first 2 albums here: Click here for my Bandcamp! That'd make my day to get some feedback on two very amateur albums!

Thank you for your time!! n(_ _)n

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