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Can non christians go to heaven???

As a christian (angelican) i actually do believe that non believers can go to heaven if they are good enough people! But let me know what you all think!!  

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Reply by shorti ๑˃́ε˂̀๑


not christian, but muslim. in my understanding, only believers can reach paradise. exceptions are people who didn´t get the chance to learn religion or were alive before the revelation(s) happened ( although i think there were many prophets all over the world that were spreading the truth). But in the end, i am not on to know, decide or judge who on this world can go to heaven and who can´t. because only God is the judge and He knows best. ^_^

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Reply by Jinnicide


The concept of heaven is specifically christian, so it doesn't apply to non-christians. That's ya'lls little fantasy, everyone else has their own.

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