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My workplace (restaurant) is sketchy

I've working at this bistro for a while now, I'm a bartender/barista, when i applied to the job i got told that this place was always full of people and that they made a bunch of money, but 4 months since i got hired i've barely seen any people come in, The place is pretty hidden and ivé noticed that they're letting the food rot and the produce is barely eatable. I worry only about my produce for the bar, Citrus and Botanics, but yesterday i went back to look for basil and i saw almost every veggie Rotten and covered in that white mold, I get easily disgusted so i felt the vomit coming in and i ran away from the storage room. I asked the chef and he just said that i shouldn't worry and that i can't talk about it. 

Sometimes my boss gets angry when i propose ideas to promote the place and get people coming in, since i'm young i know how to handle social media and i even offered to make a tiktok account to promote the place but i was met with a pretty harsh ''No''. Apart from that, The other workers who are pretty older than me talk a lot about ''how much they made'' and mention upwards to 3 millions which confuse me since we really barely get any people daily.

I have a hearing problem, wich makes me more sensitive to sound therefore i hear louder, My boss and the main chef don't know this so they think that talking a few tables away from the bar is enough for me to not hear their conversations, I've heard a lot of weird sutff but the main one is that The chef somehow always says he's ''unenployed'' to avoid paying taxes, and that he has been doing that since they opened the establishment. 

All of these things make me feel like i'm in something sketchy, There are certain ''rooms'' i'm not allowed to go in but all the others are, Once i was looking for a Tool to bend a piece of metal and when i tried to enter a room that's located just right the bsathroom (}i thought it was like another storage room) one of the waitresses stopped me and said ''Please don't go in, i'll get you one'', The wording was so fucking strange, Like the please was like really weird.

i should mention aswell that the kitchen is FILLED with cockroaches and mice, Once i was there because i was making a new fruit syrup and i saw cockroaches coming out of the kitchen burners and scatter, as well as some mice under one of the ovens (including feecees). 

I will be quitting soon, i just cant stay here, but i need to know i'm not insane and that this DOES sound sketchy to others, please i just need reassurance that i'm not exagerating or going insane.

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Reply by Gluma


Wow, thank god you're leaving because staying any longer would've likely landed you in a hospital lol...

This is something you'd hear on Kitchen Nightmares or something. I'd say something like how you should call for your local inspector just to shut that place down but who knows what's going down in that hellhole ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe a drug ring. You...likely should get a trusted adult involved in that mess (well...if you want to) :/

My advice also depends on where you live since I know some countries (hell, maybe even just the general area) tolerate terrible working conditions like that so calling for that place to shut down likely wouldn't do anything anyway (the heroic answer would be to try anyway but that place sounds sketchy so maybe, for your general safety, don't).

anyway, glad to hear you're quitting :D

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Reply by Luxxxbruh


Thanks Gluma, I'm glad to say I'm now unemployed, and i feel much better (i forgot to mention i was feeling sick during my time there) 

The sanitary process is kinda long, i brought it up to an Aunt who's in the business and the assured me that can totally be reportable not only to sanitary control but to the SII(Service of Internal Taxes) and maybe the police if there's any type of damage towards someone's health due to the rotten food and produce.

Still I'm kinda sad, the waiters and my bar boss were totally sweet, they were sad that i was leaving but still reassured me that there were no hard feelings, and that they understood why i was leaving. They also were contemplating to quit massively since the boss is refusing to hire new people, so I'm guessing that shipwreck will drown anytime soon. 

Thanks again, for helping me, i was afraid i was exaggerating or being a douche about it

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Reply by Gluma


Aw, sucks to hear that there seems to be good people still at that place :( wish the best of luck for them

As for you, GOOD! I hope you find a nice job that, at the bare minimum, follows basic sanitation laws and is a normal workplace environment (´◡`) I think it’s good to set yourself standards for jobs and their environment so you don’t get taken advantage of by any shady/borderline-illegal employers, especially since you’re young (said by a 17 yr old LMAO)

If you have any similar suspicions about anything at a future job, you should definitely trust your gut and get outta there (if you have the option to, of course). Better to be a potential douche and be safe than it is to be nice and end up with injuries and/or illnesses. At least, that’s my take ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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