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Wanted to very quickly share my only paranormal experience.

I was laying in bed in the darkness with a very dim warm lamp next to me, no blankets, just laying there on top of the bed enjoying the quiet. I dont feel sleepy enough to doze off yet, but im getting there.

Suddenly from my peripheral vision I see this thick, white, veiny, arm missing a hand (Its a good description for what it looked like, but it didnt feel as though it was actually an arm) comes out form under the bed, curves up and 'looks' at me, pointing the part missing a hand towards me. I turn to look at it, it stares at me for a second, then goes back under the bed.

Oddly enough I didnt feel fear, I didnt feel bravery, anxiety, or any type of way, I was as relaxed as I was a second ago. Checked under the bed, of course, nothing. And then I just went to bed and lived happily ever after.

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wow pretty gnarly This may contain: a hello kitty skateboarding down a long hallway

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