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game remaster/remakes you want to happen

there's a ton of remasters and remakes available today, but of course there's always some hidden gem, or a game we're simply sentimental about that we want to see get the treatment and become available on modern consoles. what are some of yours?

for me the first game that comes to mind is a game called Project Overkill for the ps1, this game is a total hidden gem made by Konami back when they were great, you can still pick it up for about $15 pretty easily, but it was an isometric shooter developed before the dual shock controller existed, as such directional aim is handled by the different face buttons (although you can get around this with a 3rd party controller) seeing this hit modern consoles with remastered graphics, and true dual joystick support would absolutely rule!

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This one's commonly requested so I wont elaborate, but Fallout: New Vegas deserves a remake.

I'd love a remake of the GBA Castlevania games. Aria of Sorrow would be great.

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