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what are you listening too right now?

Posted by Abbot Hayes


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just a spot to share what you're listening too at this moment, or just whatever song you've really been enjoying lately I'll start with...

Song: Skull Fracturing Nightmare

Artist: Demolition Hammer

Album: Epidemic of Violence

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Reply by m4rs


Listening to entrails ripped from a virgins cunt- Cannibal corpse rn. got tickets 2 see them earlier nd im so fucking pumped

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Reply by Lowfe


Death Is Little More by Boundaries. The album just dropped today and It's all I've been listening to

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Reply by Abbot Hayes


Band: Melechesh

Song: Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged

Album: Enki

This song is a great example of black thrash with some nice middle eastern flare in the guitars

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