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Chester McBootyButt needs URGENT HELP!

If you are me (which you are not) you know about the chester mcbootybutt TRADEGY! I am being hunted by the vicious goo goo goblins. I need a skilled assassin, and a goblin to sneak into their hideout and KILL THEM WITH GUNS! IT HAS TO BE GUNS! I have 5 days before the goo-goo goblins take my skin and sacrifice it to the dark lord Bahl Before I DO! And if you're the daring type, please TAKE MY SKIN! AND TELL BAHL YOU WANT MORE VIDEO GAMES!

Kanye West (My son) Is in PURGATORY! GET HIM OUT! He needs to be in HEAVEN! If he doesn't get to heaven, the blood moon will commence, and it is NOT a LEAP YEAR! HEEELPPP!!

Here is a picture of a cow I found to help calm you down if this post instilled any panic in you.

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