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What’s your kink(s)???

Posted by Hesher666


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Share what you like, wanna try or already tried. I'll go first 

Boobs of all sizes, esp big ones, creampie/impregnation, outdoor quickies (like hj esp at the lakes), getting bj, spanking, hair pulling, dirty talk, name calling, being dominant! 

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Reply by cherry 𓆩♡𓆪


i wanna try a lot!

my top/ones i really want done to me: cnc/nonstop/forced (embarrassed to admit >_<), complete restriction, double penetration, triple penetration, wax play, knife play, oral

aaa i guess i have a lot 

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Reply by Lily


I like:

Dirty Talk, 


Neck marking, 

Getting humiliated, 

Getting praised, 

Wanna try: 

Risky Quickies in random locations, 

Wax play, 

Car sex, 

Sex Tape, 

What I have done:

BJs and HJs, 


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