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Survival & Towny Java Server

Posted by Brad


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IP address: www.black-legion.co.uk
Dynmap URL: http://black-legion.co.uk:8123/

Black Legion Minecraft offers the player role-play, survival, economy & Towny. The server uses Minecraft Java 1.20.4, with different addons and enhancements. The server has multiple gamemode worlds to choose from.

Features include:

  • Survival World
  • Towny World
  • Resource World
  • Grief Prevention
  • Towny Wars
  • Ability to create/join towns
  • Ability to claim town plots
  • Ability to create chest shops
  • Skills & levelling system
  • Essential commands (warps, homes, etc)
  • Etc

We're looking for new players, embark on a brand new adventure today!

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